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May 26, 2009


Kathryn Banzer

This final interview between two opposing political figures was certainly one for the books! Both Rove and Carville clearly expressed their views on various topics including, but not limited to: Hurricane Katrina, Bush's presidency as well as Clinton's presidency. The crowd erupted in cheers and jeers with every point made. Charlie Rose could harldy get a word in at some points. All in all, the arugments were strong, and the arguing stronger. However, the most interesting point of the night was made by Karl Rove opposers. Memebers of the audience stood up in the middle of the interview, expressing their dislike. Some even came up on stage! (Never fear, security took care of them). Thanks to Cablevision for giving us this wonderful opportunity, we would most definitely attend a future event!

Gregory Luti

I enjoyed the event. Carville used his charisma better than Rove, but Rove had better points. It was priceless when the people got thrown out for protesting Rove. Oh yeah and the popcorn was delicious.

Danielle Waltrip

The event as a success. Regardless of political views the engaging Carville and the headstrong Rove provided for an entertaining evening, full of outbursts, protests, and healthy debates. Even just the fact that the audience was so involved speaks volumes of the success of both debaters in arguing.
Thanks Cablevision.

Michael Natalie

I certainly enjoyed that. Rove and Carville are both very strong personalities. It didn't take long for the argument to heat up. It was definetely Carville's crowd: he was a bit more charismatic, and much of the audience harbored a strong dislike for Rove--particularly that woman who got up on stage with the picket sign. That whole incident seemed so surreal. Rove and Carville both presented their points well--Carville was more entertaining, yet I think Rove won the debate.

Lauren Piulson

Thanks to Cablevision, several students got to enjoy a night of debating by Rove and Carville. Both debaters stood staunchly beside their poltical parties, but I feel as though Karl Rove did a better job presenting his case with facts, despite the fact that the majority of the crowd backed Carville.

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