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April 29, 2008


Diane Kendall

Mike - thanks for your comment. We'll pass it along.


I want to make you aware of a project that was launched recently that can definitely facilitate the end of cyber-bullying. It’s called the Humanbook Project. It is a mutually managed community regulated connections directory that utilizes web 2.0 wiki technology. Basically people are verified through their connections and their associations and if people within many groups do not verify who a individual is then that person is flagged and pulled out of the group. Like wiki, the more people that are in the system the more powerful and accurate it becomes. Ultimately no one will be able to make false identities because that false identity will not have real connections and they cannot duplicate identities because the true holder will be able to flag it or deny false connections. If you could help the project by passing along the word, we need people to become involved.
Here is where people can help: humanbook.com
This project will bring order and certainty to the web.

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